Our services.

People Power

We have a team of pre-qualified short and long term contractors available to work for you right now.


Process Improvement

Our Simple, yet extensive review will quickly drill down to the source of 'painful' areas in your business.


Strategy Development

We provide proven strategies, pragmatic tactics and coaching to successfully mature your systems and processes.


System Solutions

We can optimise your CMMS (SAP, Oracle, VIZIYA, Pronto, JDE, MEX & AMT) and implement solutions based on your processes.


Equipment Strategies

We have a library of asset management strategies and tactics for you to build around draglines, fixed plants, infrastructure, mobile equipment.


Reporting & Analytics

We'll set up KPIs that drive the right behaviours and align with performance goals + business strategy.


Our service range and expertise across a large range of CMMS including Oracle, SAP, VIZIYA, MEX, Maximo, Pronto and AMT.

The APS Difference: We tailor services to your business, and your objectives to deliver rapid results and value for money.

How we work

1We focus on people to successfully achieve buy-in from all stakeholders and successful change-management.
We involve your employees in every aspect of each project; we question them, listen to them and use their knowledge and expertise. Before a project starts, you will know who will be working on it and you can be confident that this person will give great results.

We focus on the business impacts of your project and we will manage the changes with your teams. Too often, this activity is overlooked; but it will not be missed with APS.

2We apply a clear structure to all our projects. This will ensure you and your employees have a comprehensive understanding of the project and how we will deliver the desired result. Furthermore it supports agility; adjustments can be made to priorities whenever you think this is important.

APS centres project priorities on your business risks. This consideration, your objectives and limitations are used to shape, and realise an APS project.

3 APS focuses on delivering executable results. Our goal is to always develop cost effective, value-add solutions and create lasting efficiencies. We have the ability and industry experience to cover any gaps in your business big or small.

APS guides your project from start to finish. Should we need third parties for this, APS makes sure they are involved. We have develop a strong network of reliable partners to ensure you achieve an enhanced result and a solution you are happy with.