Equipment Strategies

An equipment strategy tailored to your asset operating conditions is the best way to optimise investments made in maintenance over the asset’s entire lifecycle.

This equipment-specific approach will keep you focused on allocating resources where it will deliver the most value to your objectives of uptime, reliability, and site safety, and save your maintenance operation big money.

APS has a complete library of equipment strategies and tactics that allow you to build your maintenance processes based on product specifications and historical data – right down to the model number.

Services Include:

Equipment Strategy

APS Equipment Strategy will set Management’s expectation about the level of investment and activities required to maintain optimal asset health. This data will also help you to scope the budget, the team size, and skillsets required to manage your fleet, according to ongoing maintenance requirements.

Equipment Tactics

Meanwhile, tactical processes for your equipment, from vehicle type, right down to the model number will inform maintenance processes to have you spending time and money on what matters to benefit performance.

Planning Information

APS Equipment Strategy and Tactics allows you to efficiently build an effective maintenance plan with real-world stats that’ll support your success, and work as your business case to Management for time and resources. Our library of strategies include: draglines, mobile equipment, fixed plant and infrastructure assets.

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