Business Process Packs for Asset Management

APS has partnered with Qualiware to build ready-to-run Business Process Packs for Asset Management.

Configured to be rapidly deployed into your operation, these packages make it quick and easy for you to implement established industry-leading standards.


You’ll achieve:

  • Optimal efficiency
  • Industry compliance
  • Reduced risk
  • Maximum safety
  • Complete operational readiness

APS Business Process Packages encompass formal Enterprise Architecture (EA) and Business Process Management (BPMN) standards; they cover core strategies, processes and aligned KPI’s.

Our packaged processes and costs make it easy to start getting runs on the board, from which you can build momentum and maturity. [Ask us for a demo now]

Build Momentum & Maturity

In addition to the integration of best practices for Maintenance and Asset Management, APS’ Business Process Packs address ISO55001 requirements. This will deliver you with massive operational improvements and a platform for growth. You will gain a visual overview of the operation and ability to:

  • Align the business to execute strategy:
    • Connect related goals, roles and systems with processes
    • Demonstrate to employees how processes are executed
    • Identify inefficiencies, like redundant systems, processes and roles
    • Transform the business:
      • Identify how changes in components may affect the business
      • Build scenarios to support decision-making
      • Gain competitive edge with new insights:
        • Enjoy the power to flex to new customer demand
        • Pivot the business market opportunities
      Monitor, Manage & Continuously Improve: KPI Packages

      Each business process package from APS has an optional KPI pack that’ll provide a line of sight for management and ready-to-run reports for teams.

      Manage Change & Embed Processes 

      APS has experienced consultants ready to assist with embedding processes and the change management necessary for successful operation by facilitating improvements to the rituals and routines of your teams.

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        Business Process Packs from APS:
        Maintenance Management:
          • Planning & Scheduling
          • Maintenance Execution
          • Major Shutdowns
          • Management Review and Continuous Improvement
        Asset Management:
          • Budget and Forecast Management
          • RCM and Asset Strategy Management
          • Root Cause and Defect Elimination
          • Information and Systems Management