Business Process Improvement

The APS Business Process Improvement Team has real-world strategic, operational and technical experience across multiple asset-intensive verticals and software systems. You can leverage this experience and skillset by partnering with APS.

Our comprehensive range of services is built with 40+ years industry experience. Each project is customised to your needs to achieve rapid results.

If you’re suffering symptoms of poor business health such as low schedule compliance or asset reliability, APS can diagnose, troubleshoot and embed healthy systems and processes to deliver positive results.

Just ask APS Business Process Improvement customers, who consistently have high rates of satisfaction and optimal performance.

Services Include:


Our experience means we know what to look for, and the root-cause of symptoms. A quick, yet comprehensive asset management health check from APS will help to identify gaps in systems, and/or processes, or productivity roadblocks such as data quality issues that compromise your performance.


APS will provide a custom framework of business rules + aligned software systems that will solve performance issues, boost asset management standards and have you hitting targets. We optimise processes, systems and metrics to achieve your tactical, operational and strategic business objectives.

Change Management

Establishing a culture of high-quality standards benefits general performance – but it’s not always easy to achieve. APS can have your team on-boarded with business processes, systems and coach them to improve skill level and performance, cohesion, and job satisfaction.

Industries Served Include:


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