Business Intelligence & Analytics


Does your team have sufficient understanding of what needs to get done? Or do you have trouble identifying what activity has been completed, and your progress toward meeting key performance indicators or broader organisational goals?

APS has a vast range of services and experience in the delivery of reports that directly contribute to performance improvements, and illustrate your value to the organisation.

These are now available to you via our dedicated Analytics agency, Blueprint Intelligence. We've packaged services and innovative deployment models to make BI accessible to businesses of all size.

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We'll work with you to align your maintenance activity with the Strategic Plan by installing the key performance indicators that support industry best practice, and contribute to broader business objectives.

We can also provide meaningful analytics and visualisation that boosts your ability to efficiently and effectively prioritise work to meet targets. Plus more!


Report Building

Measurement is a critical part of general performance improvements and demonstrating your value to the organisation. APS can apply the baseline industry standard metrics that will measure the health of your asset management processes + build custom reports that align maintenance activity with organisational strategy.

Dashboard Development

We can build a suite of KPIs that are aligned with specific performance goals in your CMMS. Further – APS can represent your activities against these metrics in real-time dashboards to assist with the effective prioritisation of tasks and drive the right behaviours to achieve success.

Data Analysis

If you need an experienced third-party to review the health of your maintenance operation, a review of historical data by APS can be used to identify opportunity for performance improvements, or gaps that require attention.

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